The AAFSA is governed by a Council of several members, elected at its Annual General Meeting.

The Council appoints several committees to assist and advise it on different aspects of its work; it sets the strategic direction and agrees on the overall policy of the AAFSA.

By drawing its members from chief executives and other senior figures, in companies of all sizes, the Council reflects the interests of all AAFSA members.

We offer a unique membership base with member companies, from global alcohol-free spirits producers to family-owned firms, established to new producers, that accounts for the majority of alcohol-free spirits production.

Our members own hundreds of brands and thousands of expressions enjoyed in more than 190 markets worldwide.


We appreciate the American Alcohol Free Spirits Association’s ability to raise and resolve issues of concern to us with both elected members and officials in USA and abroad. We have a passion for alcohol free spirits and care about our members’ interests, both at home and abroad.  We work hard to create the best possible business environment so all members, small and large, can grow their business and reach their full potential.

Benefits of Joining Would Provide:

  • Easily accessible information through our online knowledge base member portal.
  • Support through the wealth of expertise and experience of our staff.
  • Opportunities for producers of all sizes to participate on issues that affect individual businesses and the industry as a whole through our committee structure.
  • Invaluable opportunities to network, develop policy and share best practice at our events.
  • A range of publications and research data which can be used to train employees or use with external stakeholders.
  • A range of services, advice and guidance applicable to the industry.
  • A range of publications and research data which can be used to train employees or use with external stakeholders.


Applications for membership from alcohol free spirits, alcohol free beer, alcohol free wine producers and brand owners are particularly welcome.

Retailers or suppliers of goods and services to the alcohol-free beverages industry are also welcome.

Our Head of Membership Services will be in touch to help process your application.


Reynald Vito Grattagliano

Reynald Grattagliano and his brainchild Arkay beverages are becoming the face of a new sober industry estimated to be worth $1.44 trillion by the year 2025. Arkay Beverages and Reynald Vito Grattagliano are Championing Positive Changes in the Alcohol Industry.

Sylvie Grattagliano

Since 1981 Sylvie Grattagliano started a successful leisure business in Cannes, France, she own multiple successful businesses like DutyFreeFood.com and DutyFreeZone.com, in 2011 she decided to change consumers drinking habits with NOLO ALCOHOL a market place for alcohol free spirits and a like.


Read our Membership Services and Benefits Pack for more in-depth information about the services and benefits offered by the AAFSA.

Sample of AAFSA Benefits and Services

Services, Advice & Guidance

Market Information Database Industry Statistics Label Design New Product Development Ingredients Compliance Advertising Compliance


AAFSA aims to promote and facilitate communication and understanding between the industry members and various government departments whether US or international.

Publications & Research

Bottling plants to Visit Producers Map Budget Submissions Alcohol Free Spirits Sales Analysis Economic Impact of Alcohol-free Spirits Production in the US Alcohol Free Spirits Sustainability Strategy

The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association

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The Articles of Incorporation for AMERICAN ALCOHOL-FREE SPIRITS ASSOCIATION A FLORIDA NON PROFIT CORPORATION were filed electronically on July 21, 2021, effective on July 21, 2021, authentication number shown below and were assigned document number N21000008779.

American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association

Of the United States is the national trade association representing producers and marketers of alcohol free spirits sold in the United States.

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FDA Program

Your donation will allow AAFSA to purchase laboratory equipment, hire attorneys, travel to visit bottling plants around the world, and to lobby in Washington to pass laws protecting our industry.

THE PROBLEM: Many Alcohol-Free Spirits brands are containing alcohol, even 0.5 % of alcohol is too much alcohol and could be harmful to your health.

THE SOLUTION: AAFSA is patrolling the web and visiting stores around the world to bust fake alcohol-free spirits companies

THE MISSION: AAFSA mission is to protect and serve the alcohol-free spirits industry , producers, vendors, and consumers are part of this industry.

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